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Are Your Looks More Important Than Your Music?

If you’ve ever thought about a life of fame in the music industry, you’ve probably noticed that many musicians are absolutely gorgeous. Average doesn’t cut it in such a competitive industry, so many people who are looking to get a leg up go to great lengths to not only become the best musician that they can be but also to present the most attractive version of themselves that they can. To do this, there are are several things that a new artist can do to look their best both onstage and on album art.


Many genres of music have a specific aesthetic that they prefer, and hair is a huge part of fitting into a music genre. Think about what it would be like if Dolly Parton only had a simple straight bob or if Justin Timberlake had long dreadlocks. Hairstyles are a huge part of a musician’s image. This is why many choose to add extensions, dye their hair, and chemicalMany musicians choose to slim down and tone up. This isn’t a requirement, because there are many musicians with absolutely amazing voices who carry a few extra pounds, but exly straighten or perm their hair.

Weight Loss

tra weight can make it a little harder to appeal to the masses in what can often be a superficial industry. Those who choose to lose weight for their careers will hit the gym to improve their looks as well as increase their stamina for strenuous concerts. It never hurts to be in great shape when you’re trying to get a crowd pumped up as you belt out your songs.


Crooked, broken, and yellow teeth are things that musicians regardless of the genre like to have fixed. A beautiful smile is in fashion no matter what type of music you’re singing. Cosmetic dental procedures like whitening, braces, and veneers help you put your best foot — er, smile — forward as you enter the music scene. And don’t be fooled into thinking that your favorite musicians were all born with a perfect smile. If you’re interested in exactly who has had cosmetic dental work done, here is a small list of some famous musicians who altered their smiles.


Getting some ink can also help you fit in with some music genres like hip-hop and metal. It’s not a requirement in all genres, but some, like Justin Beiber, use tattoos to shed their little-kid image. And others have made tattoos an integral part of their image.

Musicians have many looks, but they’re always aiming to look like the best version of themselves. When you’re trying to start a career in the industry, you have to decide what the best version of you looks like.

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