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HearYou has teamed with organizations and providers to bring you a full-service experience. As musicians, we realize how difficult it is to find what you need. We make it easy for you. 


Digital Distribution:  HearYou delivers to a multitude of stores and streaming sites to get your music out there. whether you are an independent artist, or a label.

We register your music with Nielsen BDS

We will place your music in our online store.  Not only will we place your digital releases in the store, but you will be able to put your physical releases and merchandise in the store!

We submit your music to radio stations world-wide.  This includes terrestrial radio, satellite radio, and online radio stations who pay licensing fees to the PRO’s

Music Marketing & Promotion: If you’re looking to enhance your promotion with a team of professionals who have an extensive track record to market your new release to radio & retail, we have the physical staff to support your new release. We can structure your campaign, design the plan {on paper) and lay the detailed strategy out on the table in black & white.

Press & Publicity
Entertainment industry and businesses thrive on press and media distribution! Without it your product will end up as your best kept secret. When you’re ready to let the world know you have a statement to make, contact us and we’ll help you get the word out professionally and tell the world for you.

Internet Promotion and Advertising:  Your product’s success depends on how good it is, and how many people know it exists. Three key ingredients that could improve your chances for  success. A Your budget. B. Your network relationships. C. Your expertise. We can open the necessary doors that can help you execute your objectives. Internet advertising and marketing opportunities available include: Google, twitter, facebook, and other online platforms.  Contact us for your next launch!


We will register your music with a PRO (ASCAP and BMI in the US)

We will submit your music to music supervisors for sync licensing deals (movies, television shows, cable tv, terrestrial tv, advertising, video games, and other bed music.

We will actively pursue artists looking to use your music (mechanical licensing).  We register your works with HFA (Harry Fox Agency)

We will help you register your live performances with your PRO for performance royalty collection

We will register your music with organizations that help collect your online performance royalties world-wide (MusicReports, etc)

Additional Services
CD Duplication, Web Design and hosting, EPK/Physical Press Kits, Radio Promotion, Photography Services, Copyright/Publishing Registration.

Please note that not all of the above services are included through HearYou.  These are services we can help provide for you at an additional fee.  Please contact us for more information.