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5 Can’t-Skip Ways to Promote Your Band

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Great lyrics and a jammin’ beat aren’t the only things your band needs for success — in fact, even those can only take you so far. In order for a band to gain a following and enjoy steady turnout at shows, you need to promote yourself. And a quick shout out on social media saying, “Come see my band play!” just doesn’t do the trick. Promotion is an art unto itself, so here are 5 ideas on how you can promote yourself better:

Play Shows Regularly

To build a reputation, people must hear your band play. The more people hear you, the more who know of you, and the more gigs you will be able to get. Just make sure your band is well-rehearsed and plays well at its shows. If you don’t make a good showing, then how are people supposed to know how awesome you are?

Establish an Online Presence

This should be number 1 on your To-Do list. Many people look to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep them up-to-date on what is happening in the music sphere. If your gig is coming up, make it a Facebook event! This allows a large number of people to see where you are playing. Also, building a website helps to establish your brand and also gives you a way to send material to potential clients.

Make Friends with Promoters

Making friends with the people who will be hiring you to play is paramount. Establishing a good relationship with club-owners makes them more likely to think of you when they need a band. In addition, making connections with your colleagues is also critical because they may have knowledge of other opportunities you are not aware of. If they like you and your music, they may be able to throw some work your way.

Hire a Concert Photographer

Taking photos of your performances can help to build a visual portfolio for your website and give you material for creating merch. In addition, promotional photos for the band can also give a look of professionalism. When building your brand, the visual element is almost as important as the music itself.

Record an Album and Create Merch

Recording an album allows a band to share their music with promoters and the public. When giving a concert, you can sell your CD or even on vintage-looking records. You should also make your music available digitally on outlets like iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. Band merchandise, such as decals, shirts, and posters, can help a band bond with their fans (plus you’ll make some extra money).

Promoting your band might not have immediate, noticeable results, but have patience and keep at it. Marketing of any kind takes practice to get right, and you need to figure out what works for your band as a brand. However, getting started in the right way will save you time and energy. Work smart, promote yourself intelligently, and be prepared. The gigs will start finding their way to you.

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