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Helpful Tips for a Beautiful Smile During Your Performance

It takes many hours of practice for a single performance. You train with an instructor and train on your own, you work hard for it. Vocal technique is so important for your performance, but don’t forget the small stuff, like also perfecting your smile. This is what really helps you to connect to the audience and help them connect to your piece.


The way you practice is how you will perform. This is true of practicing your vocals, but it is also important to practice the expressions you will make during your performance in your practice sessions. The shape of your mouth can affect the way you sing, and you want to smile when you perform, so it is important to practice smiling before you get to the performance so you know how to shape your mouth. You may want to record yourself or watch yourself in the mirror to help you learn how to make the right facial expressions and still sound great.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Your teeth have an impact on your smile. Well taken care of teeth are noticeable, as opposed to poorly taken care of teeth. It is important for you to brush and floss to avoid yellowing of the teeth. A pre-rinse with calcium can help fluoride bind better to the teeth, strengthening the enamel and helping the teeth stay beautiful. You can also purchase a whitening toothpaste to help with any yellowing. Regularly go to dental checkups to ensure healthy teeth. 

Body Language

Your body language can complement your facial expressions, and it can also detract from it. You want your body language to be connected to your facial expression and smile. Your smile will seem forced, and un-genuine if your shoulders are tense, or you are moving nervously. The audience will look past your smile and sense your nervousness. Practice this as well as your smile before you get to your performance, so that your body language and facial expressions can be in harmony, and you can convey your message to your audience.

A beautiful smile will set your performance apart and help your audience connect to you and your piece. Just as you practice your piece, practice your smile beforehand and make sure your body language matches.  Don’t forget to take care of your teeth for a show stopping smile that will ensure a successful performance.

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