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HearYou Music

HearYou Digital Music Distribution was created by musicians, for musicians.  Getting your music out there can be confusing….and costly.  That is why we have teamed up with a powerful team of professionals to help you distribute, publish, and promote your music.

HearYou offers a variety of copyright and publishing services, as well as a variety of promotional services.  We want you to conconcentrate on YOUR job – making music.

We take great pride in our products and services.  Because we are artists ourselves, we understand how important your music is to you.  We will do everything we can to show the same pride in your music as you do.

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A Day in the Life

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Custom Plans and Services

HearYou will work with you to come up with a plan that fits both your needs and your budget.

Royalty Collection World-Wide

HearYou will work to collect all royalties due to you world-wide.