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Want Better Odds with Playlist Curators?

Making wonderful music is just the start……

So, you have the perfect song.  You’ve spent a lot of money on production.  You know this song is going to be “the one.”  What can you do to have a better chance of being picked up by the playlilst curators on streaming sites?

First – Give Yourself Enough Time to Be Found

If you want to be picked up by playlist curators, you need to have your music submitted at LEAST a week ahead of the release date.

Each streaming site has their own timeline as far as accepting submissions.  iTunes can process it in 24 to 48 hours. Spotify requires a week minimum. Some can take even longer.  Keep in mind there is approximately 40,000 tracks submitted to these sites DAILY. That is a LOT of information for them to go through.

If you want to be a featured artist with the streaming sites, your chances are higher if you allow about 4 weeks before the release date.  This also gives you time to promote your work.e

Second – Artwork

Make sure your artwork matches your metadata (the information submitted with the song).  For example; make sure the artist name and the song title match what is entered into the system.  Double check everything.

Make sure that if you feature an artist in the metadata, their name is also on the artowrk and vice versa.  Mismatches will cause the curators to pass over your submission in a heartbeat.

Make sure you don’t use logos from other platforms when submitting.  (Don’t put Apple logos on stuff going to Spotify or Amazon). Your best bet is to just not put any logos on it (other than your label, distributor, publisher, etc).

Third Followers

Although having a LOT of followers is not going to guarantee you will be put on one of the curated playlists, the more followers you have, the more attention you will get.

Get the link to your music from Spotify.  Open Spotify. Search for your music. You will see this:  (….). Click on that and select artist link.

Post that link to your social media.  Embed that link on your website. Tell all of your fans to follow you (not just listen to you).  

Then watch your numbers climb.

This will catch the attention of other people and you will find yourself on the Discover Weekly Playlists.  This playlist is custom made for each Spotify listener. Based on an algorithm, it features music an individual will ike based on their listening preferences.  This playlist can catapult you to the curated playlists.

These are just a few of the things to remember in getting your music into the curators’ hands.  We at HearYou are always here to help you get your music heard. Just get hold of us and we’ll be happy to help.

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