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Best Tips for Promoting Your Music Online

Being a musician today means you need to have more than quality songs to get by. You also need to know how to sell those songs. It’s a competitive field, and using the internet is essential. However, you need to figure out how you can stand out amongst the competition. These are the best tips for promoting your music online.

Use Multiple Outlets

With social media, you have more opportunities than ever to promote your music online. When you have a few songs that you’re proud of, start social media pages for yourself as an artist, like on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Update them regularly with vital information regarding the process of your music, such as when you’re playing shows and releasing new material.

One of the best ways to build a buzz is through communicating with other artists. Comment on posts from other artists who make similar music to you. You should be giving them genuine compliments and mentioning that you’re also a musician. Putting relevant hashtags on your posts will also help to increase your following.

Solicit Reviews

If you want to make it as a musician, you need to be willing to accept feedback. Soliciting reviews gets you ahead of the game. As Podium puts it, “Consumers who used to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations now rely on online reviews. In fact, over 80% of consumers trust reviews as much as they trust recommendations from family and friends.”

As a newer artist, you might have a hard time getting reviewed by some of the biggest publications. You should try reaching out to blogs with solid followings.

Format a press release that you can send out to different blogs. It should explain your background and how the song or album you’re sharing came about. Having a compelling backstory is an excellent way to create intrigue. Just make sure you’re not stretching the truth regarding your history as any sort of dishonesty could seriously harm your credibility.

Make a Sample Page

Have you heard of an “elevator pitch”? It’s basically a way to show someone that you’re worth listening to in a very short amount of time. A sample page can be your elevator pitch, but you need to get it just right. It should have a tasteful design and be easy to scan for any labels or reviewers. Your music isn’t going to be enough if your sample page is poorly designed.

Look Into Partnerships

A partnership could be what really gets your music off the ground. This could be working with a popular brand or public figure to help sell their product. Some artists fear this could hurt their credibility if their music is seen as being commercial instead of artistic.

You can use your music for partnerships without compromising your integrity.

ISL argues that any partnership should be decided based on which context you would or wouldn’t want your music to be used in. As they point out, “Fans can be very protective of their artist and the concept of ‘selling out’ was a huge concern for most artists, making them reluctant to accept offers from brands to work together.”

Make sure that whatever partnerships you get into also bring with them the audiences and venues you want your music to be associated with. Just because it’s a profitable partnership doesn’t mean it’s the right scene for your music.

Make a Newsletter

It’s not your music or initial promotion that will keep your name on people’s lips, but your regular reminders that you exist. You could start a newsletter that you update on a weekly basis. It can be like a serial, with every new installment offering a continuation or closure on previous installments. You’ll be getting in touch with plenty of publications and labels.

Ask them in your initial emails if you can add them to the mailing list for your newsletter. Should you have the means to, you can try hiring an assistant who primarily handles publicity. You still want to be fairly hands-on by dictating what you want to be included in each newsletter. Information in your newsletter should also be included in your social media pages. Keeping audiences aware of your music is all about keeping them updated.


There are plenty of artists trying to promote their music online, but only a select few have a thorough understanding of all that needs to be done in order to make a proper impact on audiences. Your music needs to be unique and well-made, and you also need to be making a concentrated effort to bring it to listeners. As you build your audience, your ambitions as an artist can grow along with it.

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