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How Can I Perform on Austin City Limits?

While it’s not always easy to follow your dreams, staying diligent can lead to positive results, which is especially true for musicians. Do you want to perform in Austin City Limits? If you do, keep these tips in mind so you can achieve your goal.

Send Music Samples to Terry Lickona

Austin City Limits started by showcasing local talent, but it now features artists from all over the world. If you want to land a spot in Austin City Limits, then send music samples to Terry Lickona. Mr. Lickona is a producer of the show who has booked many talented artists. Keep in mind that Austin City Limits typically books artists who are established, but the show does occasionally book musicians who are not well known. With the limited episodes that are taped every year, it’s not possible for the producers to book every artist who is worthy of being showcased.

Wait Patiently

After you’ve sent your sample to Mr. Lickona, it’s natural to be anxious, but it takes time for the show’s producers to listen to the massive number of submissions. While you’re waiting for a response, be productive by building a strong online presence and promoting your music in other ways.

Don’t Be Discouraged

Although it’s understandable to get discouraged if you don’t make the cut, remember that Austin City Limits is an exclusive event with limited bookings. Keep your head up and remember that you tried, which is more than many musicians. The show is always seeking talented musicians, so don’t give up. Even the most famous musicians were turned down multiple times on their path to stardom.

Participate in Austin City Limits Other Ways

Did you know that tickets to Austin City Limits are free? Many musicians find inspiration from watching other musicians perform. When you attend a show, you can meet other musicians, listen to new music, and immerse yourself in the industry. You can also attend the Austin City Limits Music Festival. This is a yearly event that offers a talented lineup of musicians. Check out all the fun at the Austin City Limits Festival. You might also consider volunteering as part of the crew. 

Breaking into the music industry can be challenging, but with a positive attitude and inspiration from fellow artists, you will continue to move forward. Even when it means getting turned down, taking chances will help you grow as a musician and get your music heard.

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