Musician's Corner

Writer’s Blaaahock

So, it happened. That dreaded disease which causes pages to remain blank… writer’s block. All artisans are at risk and the cure is… yea, bottle that up and make a million.

Creativity is nebulous, fragile, and elusive. We’ve all been there… the spark is missing and there seems nothing can be done to ignite it. Whether you are a musician, painter, writer, or architect, there are commonalties. I recently had the chance to sit and discuss the issue with members of Jett Blakk: Tommy Law and Randy Blakk.

Take a break – You can’t force it. Try getting away from it for a while and do normal stuff… re-energize.

Collaborate – Find someone to work with you on the project or simply bounce ideas off them. Getting perspective from another is a good way to see from another angle. Besides, playing with yourself can get mighty boring.

Chaos infusion – Step back and let the universe guide you. As a musician, hit the record button and just ‘let it flow’. Don’t think, just do. Then sit back and listen. Even if 99% is garbage, you might hear a line that provides a glimmer with which to expand upon.

Approach – Instead of using a brush, throw paint at the canvas. Play the line on a different instrument. Write with a crayon. Point is, rather than beat your head on the wall… get a hammer.

Let the Force guide you – Grab a dictionary, close your eyes, and blindly point. Use that word. Another variant Christine and I have used… Cut up pieces of paper with the twelve notes and/or words on them and place in a hat. Draw out a few and use them in a melody.

Inspiration – Read a book, visit the museum, or listen to an album. Find inspiration in another art form or genre. Rather than listen to your normal station: Hits of the 1700’s… put some punk on.

Altered States – Follow the rabbit.

Outline – Put to paper general ideas in an outline. Sometimes a framework to helps to grasp a bigger concept.
Dust off the notebooks – Get out those old notebooks, sketchpads, etc. Don’t reinvent the wheel, expand upon an older idea.

Whatever you do, don’t panic. It happens to us all. Sometimes a good dose of fun is all it takes.