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What do I need to know about copyrights and cover songs?

Please note that when you submit your original music for distribution at HearYou Music, you are giving us your legally-binding word that you have all necessary rights required for distribution of that content, for both the sound recording and the underlying song. You are responsible to ensure that you have all necessary rights before submitting any of your music for distribution with us. Please carefully review the HearYou Music agreement which you sign and think carefully about the rights which you grant to us under its terms and conditions – do you have all the necessary rights to use, upload and sell your music? If you have any doubts as to whether you have the necessary rights for a particular track, please do not submit it to HearYou Music. Please note that we cannot provide you with legal advice and that you need to consult an attorney for specific advice. Please note that in certain cases where HearYou Music is made aware of a potential copyright issue, HearYou Music might ask you to re-confirm your rights to use the content in question and/or to provide documentation as evidence of those rights. If you are unable to provide documentation that verifies your rights, we may not allow you to distribute that content. NOTE THAT using third-party content without authorization can carry significant penalties, including (but not limited to) loss of your HearYou Music account as well as civil and criminal penalties for copyright infringement should a copyright owner decide to pursue action against you. And remember that all content you submit through your HearYou Music account – including your artist biography, artist image and album art–must be entirely original, unless you have authorization to use them. We can assist you in getting the mechanical license (for cover songs) for an additional fee.

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