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Do I need to own all the rights of the music I would like sell?

ES, you need FULL PERMISSION to do this!You must own the copyright for the sound recordings or have the authority or permission from the owner(s).If you didn’t write the song (composition), it’s OK, but you must find out who the copyright owner(s) is/are, and pay the publisher their mechanical royalties based on your download/sales activity.If you have samples in your music, they must be legally cleared and paid-for. No ‘mix tapes’ of other people’s music, even if you are mixing in your own music.It’s very important that you have all the rights and permissions! Files distributed online are monitored very carefully by lawyers. You can’t just ‘get away with it’ so do everything thoroughly and legit. We will not be held legally liable for any legal action against you for not making sure this is taken care of. We can assist you in obtaining mechanical licenses for cover songs. Please refer to our Mechanical License page for more information on this.

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