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Hot New Release – Pastor JP


(September 11, 2018) – HearYou Music, with Perseverance Records, announces the upcocming release of Resurrection by Indiana-based Christian Rap artist, Pastor JP.

Resurrection is set for release September 28, 2018 and will be available in all major online retailers and streaming sites.

Jeffrey Pitts Jr, “Pastor JP,” grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana where he was surrounded by
a life of crime, drugs, and jail cells. He started writing music at a young age to escape the life that was around him. Then, as he would begin to record his music, he would go throughout the city on foot where he would pass out his CDs in hopes that everyone who listened would feel his heart and relate. Jeffrey ended up giving his life to the Lord through a powerful conversion at the age of 21 in 2007. Following this, he was inspired by his new life to write Gospel Hip Hop and spoken word and performed his gifts all over the world. Jeffrey has dropped two albums and a mixtape in hopes to change the way people see God through music.

His craft is directed only to showing the people a picture of Jesus. Not only that, but also how the Holy Spirit has moved through his life to bring freedom from many forms of bondage and mental health problems. This is not just music, this is releasing the Kingdom of Heaven into a fallen world to bring revival. A new sound in music is here and Jeffrey is bringing that through the power of the Holy Spirit. Jeffrey encourages listeners to get ready because a new wave has been released and you will see the Spirit in action. Keep your eyes open for the next move of God that is coming through Jeffrey’s life.


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