Musician's Corner

A Day in the Life

by Doug and Christine Cochran, HearYou Music

Over the weekend, Electric Cat Studios treated Christine and I to The Fab Four concert (Midland Theater, Kansas City).  The lads put on a ‘really good shoe’… awesome show.  I actually felt teleported to another era.

Their costume and stage presence is wholly in character and convincing.  Each of the performers was spectacular in their role.  I was particularly impressed with Gavin Pring (George).  During the middle of a song, a string broke… just before a lead section.  Without skipping a beat, he hummed it for a bar then spun and switched guitars.  With magnificent guitarmanship, the guitar was swung up on his knee and, on one leg, he finished the lead.

Music was fabulous.  A Day in the Life brought a rousing standing ovation in the packed venue.  A medley of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Something in the Way, and Here Comes the Sun was jaw-dropping good.  There were a couple of songs I was disappointed with such as Yesterday, but hey I say… this is live, and totally freaking awesome.

Oh, the Ed Sullivan guy (George Trullinger), had me rolling.  Great act.

On a side note, the KC Streetcar is A+.  Park at Union Station and ride to the entertainment.